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BDUHS News and Events

BDU Against Bullying!
Jane Huckler VU Learning Coach

BDU Students are passionate about standing up against bullying!  Ms. Jones and her No Bully Crew has challenged BDU Scholars to Educate & Eliminate Bullying!  One of the activities this week was a challenge for students to write notes and share messages that shows their ability to "stand up, stand out, speak up, and speak out against bullying" and hang them in one of our challenge bullying areas around the school.

BDU's First Alumni Committee Meeting

A big thank you this week goes out to the Wayne Township Education Foundation and Lisa Baize who worked with BDU staff to coordinate our first Alumni Committee Meeting! We were excited to have former BDU Scholars from the Class of 2011, 2013, and 2014 attend the meeting and begin planning our first alumni event. The committee also worked on a mission statement and also started a BDU Alumni Facebook page to begin sharing news with other BDU graduates.

Student Council is Serious About Community Service
Student Council

Student Council members came out this past weekend to participate in community service by volunteering several hours on Saturday at the "Clean up Eagle Creek Park" event.  Student Council members have also been busy planning the first BDU Service Fair which will provide students with information and the opportunity to meet individuals from Community Organizations in order to set up service learning and volunteering time throughout the year and during the summers.  Did you know that all BDU Scholars are required to earn 3 hours of volunteer time each quarter as part of their Advisory grade?  Service Learning is an essential component of our Early College model and also helps to build up college resumes to increase their eligibility for scholarships and college acceptance.

Dedicated ENL Scholars
Enl Scholar

One of our dedicated ENL Scholars Humberto Medina attended a week long opportunity to earn some authentic experience in the medical field! Humberto traveled to Washington DC and participated in The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists and among many things he was able to observe an actual surgery take place! Humberto is pictured with one of our inspiring BDU teachers Mrs. EJ Jzar. He is majoring in Health Careers at BDU and plans to pursue a career as Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology upon graduation.

Ben Davis University High School is a small, focused high school program where students can earn a Core 40 high school diploma while also earning college credits toward an Associate Degree from Vincennes University through dual credit opportunities. The program will include internships with business partners, project based learning, and inquiry learning. The program design is sometimes referred to as an early college high school.

What Makes BDU So Special? Amos Brown, radio talk show host visited BDU and interviewed administration, parents, staff, current and alumni students on what makes BDU so special. View photos taken from his interviews.

Whats New at Ben Davis University?

Whats new
This senior uses her Chromebook for note taking and research in Mr. Dan Jaisle's US Government classroom. The students are currently learning the difference between expressed vs. implied powers and legislative vs. non-legislative powers of Congress.

September You Make
A Difference Winner

YMAD Winner
Mrs. Mary Thompson

Significant Components of BDUHS

  • Small, personalized school environment promoting the inclusion and belonging of all students
  • Advisory program designed to promote strong student-teacher relationships as well as provide academic, social, and behavioral support for students as they are enrolled in rigorous courses
  • Dual credit courses for all students in one of four majors
  • Frequent, detailed communication with students and their parents
  • Teachers/instructors who meet Vincennes University’s faculty criteria
  • Free college tuition for students, provided by the school district at a reduced rate as negotiated with Vincennes University
  • Daily schedule which includes additional study and resource time for all students
  • Daily schedule which includes collaboration time for staff
  • Utilization of technology, 21st century skills, and project based learning
  • Student internships in grades 11 and 12
  • Peer tutoring and study tables available after school Monday through Thursday
  • Student application process which requires attainment of 11 or more credits in grade 9, minimum grade point average of 2.2, and demonstrated motivation and commitment; many students are also first generation college

Degree Program Options:
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Liberal Arts
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Business Management
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Information Technology
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Health Careers