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BDU Student of the Week Highlight

BDU ScholarStudent of the week highlight is Class of 2016 Senior Rosa Ramos Ochoa who had the honor of accompanying Dr. Butts to represent BDU and participate in a round-table discussion with other students and educators as well as the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at Crispus Attacks High School regarding family engagement and her personal story of success.  Rosa is a senior at BDU and also working toward her Associates Degree in Health Careers.  Rosa has served in the International Club, and is a member of National Honor Society and Student Council and currently ranks in the top 25% of her senior class.  

BDU Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

Academic All- Star

BDU's Soc/Psych Club led by our newest member of the staff social science teacher Brianne Winston held a fundraiser for the National Suicide Prevention Awareness Day today and our BDU Scholars were challenged to wear yellow along with yellow wristbands reading Survivor, Strength, Hope, and Faith.  The proceeds of the fundraiser were donated to support Suicide Prevention Programs and honor those that have lost their lives due to suicide.



Record High Midterm Grades and Class of 2016 Led the Way!

BDU Scholars have finished the first grading quarter midterm with record highs! Our overall failure rate is only 4%! Our Class of 2016 Seniors are leading the pack and demonstrated amazing strength with only a 3% failure rate and 3% D's!!! The juniors have earned some record grades with 81% of their grades at a A or B, followed closely by the seniors with 77% of their grades at an A or B, and 71% of our sophomores at an A or B. Also this week 24 of our Class of 2016 obtained early acceptance to IUPUI. Congratulations!

Chromebox Collaboration Stations at BDU


The Chromebox Collaboration Stations are a hot item over at BDU!  Here our Senior Class Officers work collaboratively to write a grant for our upcoming International Festival!

Earlier this week our !TEC Teacher Robbie Foote led the staff in an interesting PD session on Collaboration Station use and how it enhances instruction by allowing departments to work together on common instructional uses.

Marian University Students Learn about BDU

BDU Book Club

Marian University students visited BDU this past week to learn all about our amazing Early College program and receive a student-led tour by one of our Student Ambassadors who also shared their personal story and experiences at BDU.




Ben Davis University High School is a small, focused high school program where students can earn a Core 40 high school diploma while also earning college credits toward an Associate Degree from Vincennes University through dual credit opportunities. The program will include internships with business partners, project based learning, and inquiry learning. The program design is sometimes referred to as an early college high school.

What Makes BDU So Special? Amos Brown, radio talk show host visited BDU and interviewed administration, parents, staff, current and alumni students on what makes BDU so special. View photos taken from his interviews.

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Mr. Will Sibley

What's New at Ben Davis University?

What's New

Members of the Ben Davis University UTV-News crew pose in front of the green screen they set up for a photo opportunity for freshman visiting from the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center. The green screen would display a “cosmic background” for a photo that was “out of this world.”

Significant Components of BDU

  • Small, personalized school environment promoting the inclusion and belonging of all students
  • Advisory program designed to promote strong student-teacher relationships as well as provide academic, social, and behavioral support for students as they are enrolled in rigorous courses
  • Dual credit courses for all students in one of four majors
  • Frequent, detailed communication with students and their parents
  • Teachers/instructors who meet Vincennes University’s faculty criteria
  • Free college tuition for students, provided by the school district at a reduced rate as negotiated with Vincennes University
  • Daily schedule which includes additional study and resource time for all students
  • Daily schedule which includes collaboration time for staff
  • Utilization of technology, 21st century skills, and project based learning
  • Student internships in grades 11 and 12
  • Peer tutoring and study tables available after school Monday through Thursday
  • Student application process which requires attainment of 11 or more credits in grade 9, minimum grade point average of 2.2, and demonstrated motivation and commitment; many students are also first generation college

Degree Program Options

  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Liberal Arts
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Business Management
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Information Technology
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Health Careers