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Riddle of the Week
What is the center of gravity?
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Quote of the Week
"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Welcome Message

Welcome to the web site for Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center!  We believe in the power of people, so our goal is to use every tool of technology to help our children learn, and to keep our families close.  You will find our staff eager to meet in person, to telephone you, to email you, and to provide information on blogs.  In addition, my secretary Mrs. Krupa sends an email to parents (who sign up) every morning with helpful information, and you are always welcome to follow my twitter @CHCPrincipal.

Our staff of teachers is outstanding!  They go above and beyond to help children inside, and outside the classroom.  They attend trainings, they then provide training for their colleagues, and all of that truly helps our children grow.  With GIANT Pride we love our deliciously diverse school setting, and our tradition-filled community of Wayne Township!! 

Best regards------Sheri Patterson, Proud Principal

What's New at Chapel Hill

What's New at Chapel Hill

These students are working in a group to solve two-step equations. They complete the problems individually, then discuss the steps necessary to solve the equation.

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