M.S.D. of Wayne Township School Board

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School Board
Seated: (Left to Right):
Stan Ellis, Mike Morrow
Standing (Left to Right): Shirley Deckard, Scott Cline, Mike Nance, Phyllis Lewis, Trish Logan

The MSD of Wayne Township School Board is an elected seven member board.  Board members are elected at large from two districts and serve a four year term.
School Board Member
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Address Telephone Number
Stan Ellis 8850 Ash Rd., 46234 291-7239
Phyllis Lewis, Secretary 6380 W. Ohio St., 46214 244-9807
Trish Logan 6010 W. Mt. Auburn Dr., 46224 241-5773
Michael Nance, President 6938 Summerfield Dr., 46214 291-1023
Michael Morrow, Vice President 6838 Castle Manor Dr., 46214 243-8753
Shirley Deckard 6315 W. Gifford St., 46224 490-8820
Scott Cline 6715 Balmoral Rd., 46241 847-6526

Letter to State Education Leaders
The MSD of Wayne Township School Board has sent a letter to the Indiana State Board of Education outlining changes it feels should be made to the state's A-F grading system of schools and school districts. View letter and attachments.

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