IT Services   
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Name Position Phone Number
Mandisa Pawelczak TA: Garden City 317-988-8368
Mary Anderson TA: Chapelwood 317-988-6457
Josh Abner IT Solutions Desk/Technology Assistant 317-988-6350
Shanika Baskin Administrative Assistant 317-988-8667
Linda Carter IT Applications Team 317-988-6354
Matt Carter TA: Robey 317-988- 6070
Larry Couch A.V. and Telephony Technician 317-988-6363
Jay R. Denney iSeries Systems & IT Specialist 317-988-8665
Michelle Dierdorff TA: Bridgeport 317-988-6268
Daniel Dubak IT Applications Team 317-988-7399
Michelle Eaton Director of Virtual and Blended Learning 317-988-8651
Hector Escobar TA: Chapel Hill 317-988-8821
Robbie Grimes eLearning Specialist 317-988-8650
Chad Harvey IT Applications Team 317-988-6352
Dannorris Harvey TA: BD Campus 317-988-7324
Misty Huff Support Staff for Database Systems 317-988-8652
Jamie Johnson TA: Rhoades 317-988-6768
Pete Just Chief Technology Officer 317-988-8661
Dana Lile eLearning Coordinator 317-988-8680
Mark Lutey Manager of IT Services 317-988-6366
Linda Maners IT Applications Team 317-988-6353
Madeline McIntosh TA: Stout Field 317-988-6848
Wayne Simmons TA: BD Campus 317-988-7288
Drew Miller TA: Lynhurst 317-988-8121
Scott Morrow Virtual and Blended Learning Specialist  317-988-8644
Maureen Murphy IT Applications Team 317-988-7970
Karen Owen
North Lead
TA: North Wayne 317-988-6168
Brad Perdue IT Applications Team 317-988-8970
James Rasor IT Applications Team 317-988-6351
Doris Roberts Instructional Database Specialist 317-988-6357
Cindy Smith TA: McClelland 317-988-8068
Mary Sleeman TA: Westlake 317-988-6968
Hannah Stevens TA: Chapel Glen 317-988-6516
Donna Stewart TA: Maplewood 317-988-6668
Kim Stone
South Lead
TA: WTP, BDU, WEC, ABE 317-988-7977
Denise Thornberry Gradebook & Teacher Support 317-988-8668
Jody Watson Skyward Data Specialist 317-988-8662
Thelma Webb Manager of Database Systems 317-988-8657